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The Karting Arena LeagueS

The Karting Arena Leagues series is totally new for 2020! Take home weekly prizes for the fastest lap or race victory, or set your sights on taking home the Championship! 

The Leagues series is created to host a real championship series for racing fans looking for the real thing, without the hassle and expense of owning and maintaining your own kart. All equipment is provided; this is real racing for the masses! 

This championship consists of drivers competing in 6 race events over 12 weeks, with each race event consisting of a Practice round, Qualifying session, and two Final Races. 

EVENT format

Each weekly event consists of four sessions. First up is a Practice round.


Qualifying will determine grid positions for Race 1. Score a point for Pole Position.

Race 1

Face off with the competition, starting from the racing grid. Score points based on finishing position. 1 Point for fastest lap.

Race 2

Race 2 is a reverse grid based on Race 1 results. Score points based on finishing position. 1 Point for fastest lap.

Each week, points are awarded based on finishing position for Race 1 and Race 2, and any bonus points for Pole Position and Fastest Laps. The weekly race event is won by the driver with the most points earned during the event (a maximum possible 43 points for 2 Race wins, Pole Position and 2 Fastest Laps).

The overall Championship is decided after completing 6 race events over 12 weeks, by tallying up the total points for each driver.

There’s no need to find sponsors to fund this racing dream; the League Series is a great deal at $150 per driver, per week. Not forgetting the awesome weekly and overall prizes you can win.


In the interest of a consistent championship experience, participants are expected to commit to racing in all 6 race events (however in the event of absence a substitute driver should be found as your replacement, see the full terms and conditions for more info).



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Event dates will be organized once enough drivers have registered. Slots are limited.

See the Leagues terms and conditions

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