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5 Ways to better physical and mental well-being: through karting!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Karting is a great activity to challenge yourself, de-stress and enjoy the outdoors.

Check out five ways in which karting can be beneficial for you, both physically and mentally.

1. A great way to de-stress

Stressed? Anxious? Outdoor sport and physical activity has been linked to improved mental health, inducing reduction in stress level, boost in self-esteem levels and better mental well-being. Take out your frustrations on the track!

Racing with colleagues is a great way to blow off some steam or do some team bonding.

Challenging yourself to break personal lap records and improving lap to lap gives a great feeling of reward and accomplishment. Just like any other skill-based activity, the more you kart, the more you'll improve!

2. Get some fresh air

The Karting Arena's electric karts also use no petrol, produce no noise, and have no polluting emissions compared to traditional gas-powered karts. Not only that, electric karts are superior in torque and acceleration. Overall, a better racing experience!

So skip the crowded movies theatres and shopping malls - get outside in some fresh air! Experts also say enclosed, air-conditioned spaces could help to spread respiratory diseases. Most studies indicate that such viruses are less likely to thrive outside in hot and humid conditions.

3. Fit for racing

Karting is a pure, raw form of motorsport. Without modern driving aids such as power steering or ABS brakes, it requires attention and focus. A few sessions around the circuit can be a decent workout for your core, and your mind. Make karting a part of your balanced lifestyle!

As little as 10 minutes of physical activity can dramatically improve the quality of your nighttime sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep has a strong influence on the body’s immune function, to stay fit and healthy.

4. Let the Sunshine in

Nowadays, people tend to spend more time in the closed areas and benefit less from sunlight. Getting outdoors in the sunlight can stimulate production of vitamin D in the skin. Sufficient levels of Vitamin D reduce your risk of infectious disease by strengthening your immune system. Plus, you can work on getting that tan.

Ready.. set.. GO!

Research has shown that vitamin D also might play an important role in regulating mood and warding off depression. 

5. Peace and quiet

Kick back and relax. The 500 meter Karting Arena circuit is tucked away in a lush, green, tranquil corner of The Grandstand, Bukit Timah.

Our little piece of paradise.

While health advisories recommend staying away from crowded places during this time, The Karting Arena remains a low foot-traffic, uncrowded venue, serving up to 2,500 racers a month, compared to popular Orchard Road cinemas or shopping malls which see up to 4.9 million visitors per month (source).

You can always see when we are booked for scheduled events to plan your visit, or you can book online to choose your race type and reserve a time slot!